07 Jun

Sunday Sentiments

This week.  Oh boy, this week.  There’s been news, celebration, and mourning.  Joel’s uncle, who we’ve been extremely close with these past several years, lost a years-long battle with cancer Thursday evening.  It wasn’t altogether unexpected, but that never makes it easier.  Since I still had to go to work on Friday, it should be noted that I have really incredible coworkers/friends, and my students were unbelievably generous with me.

In substantially better news, Joel and I are now licensed foster parents.  I also only have 4 days (really 3.5) left in the school year.  Woot!

Regardless of how this week has been for you and yours, here are some things that should definitely make it better.

Forget motivation, use systems.  This spoke to my soul.

Who needs National Doughnut Day as an excuse to eat doughnuts?  I sure don’t.

Joy the Baker is on point with these GF angel food cakes.

Weight Watchers Lemon Brownies.  You had me at lemon.

I’m obsessed with Chinese take-out style food, these day.  This sweet and sour chicken is no exception.

Hash brown waffles.  Yes, please.

I woke up at 5:42 this morning and totally freaked out.  My alarm is supposed to go off at 5:30.  Then I realized that it’s Sunday.  Enjoy this last day of the weekend.

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