13 Apr

Core Values

There’s an organization that I’ve loosely partnered with for some years now and more recently developed a website for.  On aforementioned website, they have an entire page dedicated to their “core values”, which is a phrase I find more than a little amusing, though I’m not entirely sure why.  I guess I just think it’s funny to sort of rank values.  Like, obviously there are values that aren’t core, and are therefore less important.

Through this whole foster care licensure process, Joel and I have really started to notice our own core values.  I often find that core values are made obvious by how we spend our time, energy, and money.  A few worth noting: animals, food, sleep, books.  That last one in particular is one I’ve become acutely aware of.

For one, we’ve already purchased books for our unknown future adoptive children.  That’s not weird.  The furniture in our bedroom is basically just a bed, a dresser, and several bookshelves.  We’ve got even more bookshelves in living/dining area.  And then, we’ve got six crates of books stacked neatly in the corner created by our desk and filing cabinet which sit perpendicular to each other.  Books are definitely a core value in this house.

And in keeping with the idea that our home needs to work for us, we decorate (I use this word loosely) with crates of books.  They sit right by the window, which happens to have the best afternoon light in the whole house.  … so I take photos there.

Over the weekend, I picked up some Boom Chicka Pop Lemon Drop Kettle Corn buried deep within the Easter 70% off bin at Target.  It did not disappoint.  Honestly, this is my first time trying anything but their classic kettle corn, so I was a little bit nervous.  I think it’s safe to say that I have jumped on that bandwagon, now!


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