19 Apr

Spring Breaking

There was a lot of fear among teachers that with all these snow days, we were going to lose our spring break.  Such was not the case.  And while I’m sure I’ll wish differently on June 11 when I’m still at school with 24 delightful 5th graders, I’m pretty happy about it right now.

A large portion of my spring break plans had been awhile in the making.  I purchased a popsicle mold that I was dying to put to use.  I know my crazy couponing is less than interesting to you, but you should know that I purchased said popsicle mold with an amazon gift card recieved from SavingStar.  … so… you know… that’s cool.

I knew takeamegabite had loads of good popsicle recipes, but when I started browsing through them, they seemed a bit much for my first try.  I wanted something simple, something I couldn’t mess up.  Though Smitten Kitchen is hardly the place I go looking for easy recipes, she does have a simple pink lemonade popsicle recipe that fits my lemon obsession exactly right.

photo 1 (7)


The colors from the just the preparation had me swooning.  But my first lick of the finished popsicle beat it, hands down.

photo 2 (9)

In truth, the first taste was just a bit too tart for my liking (though my husband thought it was perfect).  The second and third tastes, though, were exactly right.

I really wish I had loads of interesting recipes for you.  I promise that I’m working on a divine Mr. Goodbar Pie which I’ll share sooner or later.  But the rest of my spring break has been spent redecorating or vacationing.  More on the vacation, udis muffins, how inspiring glutenhatesme is, and an amazing gluten free restaurant in Beaufort, NC later.  For now, check out my totally rad living room project from the week.

New Couch

We bought a new couch from the Trosa yard sale.  I’m basically in love.  I don’t really put cookies on a tray on the couch like that.  Ramona would eat them.  I put them in a fancy cake plate on the table, duh.

But the new couch really got me to want to fix up the other living room furniture.  A trip to the Scrap Exchange gave me exactly what I needed.  I bought loads of cool fabric for recovering two chairs and making beautiful accent pillows.  One of the chairs and the pillows will have to wait until the summer, but this chair needed some TLC.

Chair - Before and After

Obviously, the left is the before.  The right is the after.  This chair belonged to my husband’s grandmother.  He has very fond memories of sitting in that chair, reading his grandmother’s Tarzan books (the collection is now kept in the bookshelf to the left).  So when Ramona tore apart the cushions (that’s why they aren’t pictured), he didn’t want to just throw it out.  Personally, I think it has a pretty groovy shape, so I was happy to recover it.  The results are far from perfect, but I’m more than satisfied.  And even though I eventually do want to paint and recover the other chair in the living room, just changing this and the couch have made a huge difference.

Finished Chair

I’m hoping to do a complete before and after look of the living room, but I will tell you that we’ve already rearranged a tad.  Now the chair is positioned in front of a really cool vintage reading lamp from the Habitat ReStore.  I love having tons of good local resources for purchasing cheap (gotta love that on a teacher’s salary) recycled/repurposed items for our home.  Especially since I moved into a home that my husband had already purchased when we got married, it’s fun to go shopping together to create a design that belongs to both of us.

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