Every Breath You Take

When I say the words “curried eggs”…

  • 3% of you thought to yourselves, “Oh!  Jenny’s curried eggs!  Wait, why don’t I still live with her?  #%@ army!!”
  • 91% of you should have been thinking “That sounds amazing!” but were actually thinking “Are you kidding me??” with a look of disgust on your face.
  • And precisely 6% of you left the page immediately.

I stalk you on google analytics.  I know these things.  Also, The Police are playing in my head.  I’m not sure how I feel about that.  (I usually say that when I feel very negatively about something.  That’s not the case here.  I’m really quite conflicted.  This song does kind of creep me out, though.)

So what’s this curried eggs business all about?

I so totally wish I could give you some great fade into flashback music as you’re reading this, but I know you’ll imagine it for yourself: think Saved by the Bell meets Full House.  do-do-do-do-do…

When I was a kid, I used to spend the night at my friend Sarah’s house from time to time.  On Saturday mornings, almost without fail, Sarah’s father would make breakfast.  Eggs, sausage links, sometimes even pancakes (if not, homemade sourdough bread with some kind of delicious homemade jam).  Yeah, I pretty much loved spending the night at her place.  Sarah’s dad makes an interesting variation of classic scrambled eggs.

I do not like them, Sam-I-Am!

A few things of interest:

  1. The first time I can remember having curried eggs, Sarah’s dad had added green food coloring because they had read Green Eggs and Ham the day before.
  2. My family pretty much never eats curry.  I had no idea if it made things green.
  3. I genuinely believed that all curried eggs were green, and I am much too beshamed to admit how old I was before this misconception was corrected.
Photo by Nathan Clendenin

Photo by Nathan Clendenin

So how exactly do you curry eggs?  It’s simple, really.  Whisk the eggs in a bowl.  Add garlic powder, curry powder, salt, and black pepper.  I’m not at all opposed to adding a splash of milk as well.  Now scramble those eggs!  The trick is to start with an extremely hot skillet, then remove from heat when you add the whisked egg mixture.

If you want exact measurements on the curry, garlic, etc., you’re out of luck.  It’s totally up to you and your preferences.  If you’re new to it, don’t go crazy with the spices.  When you make this a second time (and trust me, you will), you can add a little more.

Everyone thinks this sounds disgusting when I first tell them about it.  Then they try it, and they propose marriage on the spot.  Okay… that was only Lauren.  Still, not a bad offer, you know?

5 Responses to “Every Breath You Take”

  1. yep, gross :). I trust you enough to know it probably isn’t. But, yeah, I think gross.

  2. Lauren says:

    Hey! I feel special now.

    And you know with my legs, the marriage offer’s not really a bad deal . . . :-)

  3. Shannon says:

    If I had money, I’d pay you to feed me, and my kids. I’m gonna try curried eggs tomorrow. Sounds gross, but might be amazing.

  4. Oh no, I totally just used the title of this post as the title of my post today. I know you’re not Sting, or Pdiddy or anyone else who’s every made money from it, and you don’t have intellectual property rights or anything, but I feel like such a copy cat… you must have planted it in my head. Or maybe it’s just that when I think of stalkers I always think of this song. Oh well, I’m a big copy cat poser. Dang.

  5. Hanley says:

    Jenny, I just went to your blog and read all the post between the newest one and this one and read how you stalk people on google analytics and thought, “she’s gonna see someone from South Korea read her blog and she’s gonna know it’s me and she’ll be able to tell how many pages I read so I better stop reading before I read for hours and look like I spend all my time on the internet.” But your writing style is great and curried eggs sound really good! Why don’t I still live with you? &*$@ getting married!

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