04 Apr

Saturday Sentiments

There’s something about spring that gives me all kinds of new energy.  Maybe it’s having a whole week off from school, but there’s a little more bounce to my step, regardless.  I’m just sure of it.

Our yard is positively overgrown with weeds.  I’m having a hard time caring as there such adorable weeds.  Reminds me of a song by Five Iron Frenzy (likely my favorite band in high school): She sees love where anyone else would see weeds.

But a lot has been happening in this brain of mine.  Some of it connected, much of it not.  So here’s my attempt at a new series here on the blog: Saturday Sentiments.  I’ll be sharing the more noteworthy of the random thoughts I’ve been thinking.

Here goes…

Nicole Hunn at Gluten Free on a Shoestring is giving away recipes.  You should seriously get in on this action.

Tracy at Shutterbean will show you what to do with all this grilling weather.  Most definitely on the meal plan this week.

Margaret Feinberg will teach you Why Christians are Wrong about Joy.

I’ve long thought middle class, based on usage, was an incredibly broad term, applied to everyone from those who just barely make ends meet (although they can do that) on up, stopping just short of millionaires.  Pew Charitable Trust takes away a bit of the mystique in their definition.  Obviously, they don’t account for how many people are in the household, but still an interesting guideline.

This interesting piece about whether being able to stay home with your kids is a luxury or not spoke to me.  Perhaps we should amend our definition of “luxury”, as well.  If you’re at middle class or higher (see above) with only one income, it’s probably a luxury, even if it means you sacrificed other luxuries to have it.

Deborah at Taste and Tell showed us how to make the most amazing looking lemon cakes.  Lemon is a taste that exactly belongs in spring, I believe.

It’s not enough to divide the world by extroverts and introverts, labels that are increasingly difficult to pin down around here, as Joel and I both reside somewhere in the middle though for different reasons.  Now, you can also figure out which of the 4 kinds of introverts you are.

I’ll go ahead and say it now that Suze Orman is off the air and won’t publicly judge me for it: sometimes, the full 8-month (or whatever rule you follow) emergency fund can seem a bit daunting.  This helps put it into perspective.

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