30 Jul

Being Realistic

I’m trying to be realistic about this school year.  We’ve discussed this before.  I’m anticipating a lot of late nights, possibly without a lot of warning.  Joel and I have been discussing this and how we’re going to stick to our budget and eat healthy during this time.  So Joel’s taking over one dinner per week.  We’ve got 1-2 meals per week in the freezer.  One meal a week, Joel gets home late, so we do dinner separately.  That just leaves 1-2 meals per week.  Weekends don’t count because we have them off, and I enjoy cooking those days.

And with the irregular schedule that I’ll be keeping, this is less about meal planning and more about appropriately stocking the fridge, freezer, and pantry.  We’ve stocked up at Costco on all the usual time-saving suspects: Organic chicken stock, rice, frozen veggies (these don’t save time, necessarily, but they’re handy when I don’t know exactly when we’re going to be eating what), gluten free frozen grilled chicken, cheese (put into smaller packages and frozen, so it doesn’t go bad

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