14 Jun

Keep Calm and…

To follow up on my last post, hydration helped.  Hydration always helps.  I’m sorry for taking so long to get back to you on that, but the end of the school year absolutely sped by.  I’m still a little in shock that it’s over.


The classroom is empty, things are labeled, and my key ring feels empty every time I hold it.  I’m not quite sure if I should be sad that it’s over or excited for the summer.  There’s probably a mixture in there somewhere.  I’m really, really happy… until I think about how much I really did love my class.  They were a really great group of kids this year.

Dear Ms Jones

I’m exhausted and thoroughly looking forward to some rest this summer.  Last summer was full.  Full of good stuff, but definitely full.  I traveled to New Mexico and New York.  I planned a wedding.  I moved.  Definitely full.

This summer, I intend for the schedule to be pretty empty.  There are a lot of things changing in my life.  Primarily, I won’t be returning to this classroom in the fall.  I’m not sure where I’m going yet, but I need a change in workplace scenery.  I’m a little anxious while I wait for everything to get figured out, but I’m confident that however it works itself out, it will be good.

There have also been tons of changes for my family.  I won’t go into details because they’re not my details to share.  For one, though, my mommy moved.  My sister went down to Fayetteville to help her yesterday.  That’s a lie.  We went to finally get all of our childhood belongings out of her house.  Downsizing means no longer storing middle school trophies for your children, I guess.  We worked hard.  And then we took a collective nap on the floor.

Nap time

It was grand.

I told you about my summer to do list.  I’m going to be working on that.  Some things have already happened.  I’ll have to update you.  But also, I should tell you that I’m on a minimalism journey.  That I’m trying to be a more ethical person in how I spend my daily life.  The journey is tough, and I’m hoping we can share a bit of it together.  Things around here will probably change.  This might become a little less of a food blog and a little more of a lifestyle blog because for me, those two things are intrinsically linked.

There are some surprises I’ll get to share with you, but I’m waiting for the timing to be right.  We’ll get there.  We’ll get there.

So hold onto your hat because this summer is going to be fun!  It will be full of ways to use all the fresh produce that’s started coming out of my garden.  P.S.  Check out my first cucumber!


It will be full of infused water and ways to make your kitchen more efficient.  It will be full of flax and quinoa because I’m on a serious super food kick.  It will be full of muffins because I have the cutest summer cupcake papers.  We might throw some traveling in.  We’ll just have to wait and see.

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