31 Aug

First Days

In the last two weeks, I had my first day at a new job, my first day of school, my first call home to a parent, my first role call… so many firsts.  Did I not tell you this was happening?  Oh yea… it’s happening.

It’s happening in a very real way.  I know because I spent the entire day on my feet, because I’m losing weight despite the extraordinary amount of chocolate I am also eating, because I have an apple on my desk.  No lie.  I got an apple on the first day.  An apple timer, as it turns out.  But an apple, nonetheless.

It’s exciting.  It’s exhausting.  It’s mostly exhausting.  I’m cooking a lot still, and new recipes will be up sometime after I’m home during hours when it’s light outside and can therefore take pictures of my food.  That’s not a weird reason to want shorter hours at work, is it?

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