30 May

What Could Go Wrong?

Sometimes people get a little bit too fussy.

Fussy = needing a recipe to know that cream cheese, cream, powdered sugar, and strawberries should go together.

Fussy = bothering to mix extra pectin into jam you’ve already canned when it didn’t set properly.

Fussy = not being able to laugh when you’re watching Numb3rs and they have a site that looks a lot like Google, but says “Internet Search” where the logo should be.

Do you know what’s not fussy?  PB&J sandwiches.  Do you know what’s less fussy than that?  PB&J cookie sandwiches.  Yes.  I just went there.

PB + J + dessert = amazingness

PB + J + dessert = amazingness

I’m really into these cookies.  They’re classics.  And while I’ve worked on some variations like these and by adding M&Ms.  But none compare to this absolute stroke of brilliance I had when I accidentally made strawberry sauce instead of strawberry jam.  Whoops.  Mixing strawberry sauce with cream cheese, cream, and powdered sugar, though… what could possibly go wrong?

Nothing, as it turns out.  Especially when you put that mixture in between two peanut butter cookies.  The boyfriend was doubtful.  He was wrong.  Seriously wrong.

a match made in heaven

a match made in heaven

No recipes here.  Just have fun when you make mistakes cooking.  Figure out delicious things you can mix with your mistakes to make something even better.  But mostly… when in doubt, add cream cheese and/or cream.  So not even kidding.

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