08 Nov

New Beginnings

I’ve been browsing through classic food blogs lately in an effort to determine how I should go about this. I know that I love to cook. I know that my roommate is an awesome photograher. It only follows then that we should blog about this. But what does a food blog look like?

I stumbled across this article, which I found simultaneously informative and overwhelming. On the one hand, those dishes look amazing! I can’t get over it. People really cook like this? “For real?”

The truth of the matter is that I don’t have a single friend who cooks like that. I have friends who can make an amazing chocolate mint cookie or delicious ratatouille. But I don’t have friends who cook like that. I felt a little guilty at first. What am I doing starting a food blog when I don’t cook like that and I don’t spend time with people who cook like that? That’s when I discovered my answer.

On the average weekday, I get home from work not a moment before 5:30, and I’m hungry. When I say “hungry”, I don’t mean that I could use a few crackers while I whip up a gormet dinner. I mean hungry in the classical sense: as though I will faint from exhaustion if I’m not eating a full meal within the half hour. I’ll eat the salad after the pasta, thank you.

I’m also tired. Again, do not misunderstand me. I’m tired like I just had a hard day at work, and the thought of cooking the meal that I desperately crave seems impossible. Scratch the salad; that’s more work. Bring on the pasta!

If the time I spend cooking is longer than the time I spend eating, something is wrong. And let me tell you, I eat fast. Maybe I’m embarrassing myself, but I really don’t think I’m alone in this. I think capers, salmon mousse, and all manner of foods they don’t sell at Food Lion are all very fine in their own way, and if my roommates were to prepare them for me for dinner, I would happily eat them. But when you’re hungry, you need something quick and delicious, made with ingredients that you likely have in your pantry or fridge. And that is why I cook. What’s more, that is also why I’m starting this food blog.

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