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Namaste No More

Sunday, June 5th, 2011

I’m kind of in love with Parenthood.  It’s a good show.  Straight up.  But I also dig the brand “Namaste”.  They make the best pizza crust.  Remember?

Their brownies, however, get a big “whomp whomp”.  They taste like… chemicals.  I first described this to the boyfriend as a funky “aftertaste”.  After further reflection, I’ve decided it’s a funky “during-taste”.  That’s ok, though, because flourless chocolate cake is easy to make, and it’s practically the same thing only minus the chemicals and plus the richness.  Do it.  Now.

On the other hand, the pancake and waffle mix gets thumbs up from me.  See?

Breakfast for dinner = awesome

Breakfast for dinner = awesome

The waffles tasted like real waffles.  And you know it’s true because a gluten-lover thought so as well.  For reals.  The fresh whipped cream and strawberries were a nice addition too.  And I sprinkled cinnamon because I felt like it made the photo look “legit”.  Not going to lie.  That was the only motivation.  But it worked, didn’t it?

See that cinnamon?

See that cinnamon?

Something else I should probably add:

Best AJ ever!

Best AJ ever!

Seriously.  This apple juice is amazing.  Simply Apple.  So converted.  I don’t care if it does cost me an extra buck.  I’m never having regular apple juice ever again.  This tastes like a bunch of apples are having a party in my mouth.  Not even kidding.

GF pizza: WIN!

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Remember when I was pouting about being gluten intolerant?  I do.  And my friend Bekah told me all about this.  OMG!  Best. Friend. Ever.

This stuff is boss.  Totally boss!

It's not symmetrical.  Don't judge.

It's not symmetrical. Don't judge.

I tasted a bit before I served any to the boyfriend.  I told him that it tasted like it wasn’t gluten free.  He didn’t believe me.  Until he tried it.  Now he does.  He likes it when I make pizza.

The one downside to this pizza is that it’s a bit hard to serve.  Not impossible, but a little tricky.  Here‘s my recommendation.  You can use it to cut the pizza, and also to help pick it up.  It’s a slightly more effective at desticking the pizza crust than a spatula.

Also, you should buy one.  Period.  You’ll use it way more than you think you will.  I promise.

Taste Test: OJ

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

I was never particularly picky about my orange juice.  I mean, it was an absolutely crucial part of every day, but the variety wasn’t the point so much as its existence… in my mouth… every morning.  Then I moved in with good ol’ Nathan.  He’s real opinionated.  Tropicana Low Acid.  All the way.

And I’m a little bit addicted.  So when I read this, I’m ready to call them liars.  Did they test low acid varieties?  Because they should.  For reals.