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13 Apr

Core Values

There’s an organization that I’ve loosely partnered with for some years now and more recently developed a website for.  On

02 Apr

More on loving your home…

This is a continuation of a post I wrote earlier this week.  Think of the previous post as the “before”,

31 Mar

Love the home you have

Love the home you have. A message I need to hear. Constantly. I’m so quick to find myself discontent, with

22 Mar

Meal Planning

Before there are groceries, there are meals.  There’s a plan.  Built on the weather, what’s fresh at the farmer’s market,

13 May

Summer To Do’s

I’m at the point in the school year where I’m going in a lot earlier, staying a lot later, and

25 Mar

More on Meal Planning

This week has hit me like a mack truck.  This past weekend was great, but full of activity.  The husband