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21 Jun

Sunday Sentiments

School is out.  So you’d think that I’m just consumed with free time.  On the contrary.  This week has rivaled

07 Jun

Sunday Sentiments

This week.  Oh boy, this week.  There’s been news, celebration, and mourning.  Joel’s uncle, who we’ve been extremely close with

30 May

Saturday Sentiments

Joel’s super busy this weekend, which means I’m going to be super busy watching the Kardashians and eating strawberries.  I’ve

23 May

Saturday Sentiments

Last weekend, I practically killed myself getting a bathing suit for when we go sailing today.  And then the high

16 May

Saturday Sentiments

I’m full of opinions this week.  I’ve been thinking a lot about parenthood lately.  And how very important it is

10 May

Sunday Sentiments

I’m deep in the throws of bathing suit shopping.  I’m not really a fan of any type of shopping, but

02 May

Saturday Sentiments

Last night, as Joel and I were driving out of Durham, I was ranting endlessly about something stupid that happened

28 Apr

my heart wasn’t in it

Today, with my kids, we discussed the meaning of the phrase “heart wasn’t in it”.  We talked about how “heart”

25 Apr

Saturday Sentiments

I’ve been distracted this week.  There’s been loads going on at school, and even more going on at home.  This

18 Apr

Saturday Sentiments

This week has been full of new windows (yay!), pollen (yuck), my crazy stupid brain, yelling at the TV while