I love challenging recipes, and I love it when those recipes turn out great.  I love experimenting with bread dough that takes 3 hours just to rise, and I love burning my fingers because I can’t wait for the bread to cool before I eat it.  I love simmering pasta sauce all day, and I love dinner that night even more.  Simply put, I love food.

But I’m also busy, frequently downright ravenous by the time I get home from work, and if good food can’t be married to the demands of my lifestyle, then it’s just not going to happen.  When you’re hungry, you need something quick and delicious, made with ingredients that you likely have in your pantry or fridge. And that is why I cook. What’s more, that is also why I’m starting this food blog.  Armed with a willingness to try anything, how can I possibly go wrong?

About the Author:

Jenny currently works and resides in Durham, NC with her husband, two cats (Gabby and Ghengis), dog (Ramona), and foster cat/devil pet (Molly).  She enjoys cooking (obviously), games, walking her dog, and watching way too much tv.

As a child, Jenny would sit at the kitchen counter and watch her mom cook, something her mom absolutely insisted on, claiming that all good cooks learned how from watching their mothers.  Perhaps it paid off, as visits back home to Fayetteville almost always consist of Jenny’s preparing a meal for her large family.