21 Jun

Sunday Sentiments

School is out.  So you’d think that I’m just consumed with free time.  On the contrary.  This week has rivaled end-of-school busy, and this weekend even more so.

First, we received our foster license in the mail this week.  So that’s official.  We also have a respite placement for the weekend.  And it’s kicking my butt.

Let me start by saying this: any parent who ever manages to leave their house without stains all over their clothes is a wizard/witch, and you should ask them what their patronus is.

But for those of you who aren’t bogged down by play doh and kiddie pools and the question “why” being repeated ad nauseum… or for those of you who have a better handle on this whole parenthood thing… here’s some reading material.

This sweet chili pineapple sauce… omigod!

Aziz real talks relationship red flags.  Because… yes.

I’m obsessed with lettuce wraps.  Now you can be too.

If money can’t buy happiness, maybe you’re spending your money wrong.  I’m only sort of joking.

Reading about the science of happiness is basically my only hobby.  Where’s the science that proves that this makes me happier?

Speaking of happiness, I’m obsessed with Gretchen Rubin and her podcast “Happier”.

I’m hitting our local gluten free bakery just as soon as I drop these kids off at day care Monday morning.  For serious.

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