16 May

Saturday Sentiments

I’m full of opinions this week.  I’ve been thinking a lot about parenthood lately.  And how very important it is to monitor our expectations.  Part of me dreams about the days spent playing with my kids, taking them to baseball games, and cooking dinner while they work on homework.

Except that’s a little silly.  Because I haven’t the slightest idea what’s in store for me or them.  What if they’re struggling learners?  That whole multitasking homework thing is probably out the window.  What if they have sports?  There are a thousand what ifs, and I can’t possibly prepare for all of them.

And then I think about my students right now, who I absolutely adore.  About how they love learning, but they weren’t that way 9 months ago.  About how we learned and grew together this year, and I love them for it.  And every one of them is delightful and lovable for their own very distinct reasons.  And I didn’t have any expectations of their interests before they entered my classroom.

Keeping expectations in check is a tricky thing.  Because it’s easy to get caught up in a dream… predicting for yourself what things will be like.  But it’s so much better when you expect nothing because then everything will exceed that.  Working on this…

In the meantime, I’m thinking about how to make sure my children are feminists.  I have no expectation that they will be when they come to me.  And I recognize that this transition could be easy or difficult depending on past experiences.  But it’s an important value of mine and my husband’s so we’re going to have to figure out something.

But down to the food.  Let’s talk for a moment about my obsession with Nicole Hunn from Gluten Free on a Shoestring.  Here’s the bottom line.  I have no idea how that woman manages to publish so many cookbooks (I have all but classic snacks and use them regularly) and still manages to keep her blog so dang relevant.  I don’t understand, but I super appreciate it.  If you haven’t jumped on this bandwagon yet, I’m going to highly recommend.

Her recipes are consistently delicious.  Consistently inexpensive to make (at least for what they are).  And consistently helpful.  She tells you all the best places to buy your flours, which is especially helpful if you’re just getting started on the whole gluten free thing.  And once you have certain flours on hand, it’s really very easy to make almost anything she makes.  But even without that, she gives you recipes using “all-purpose” flour blends in the ingredients which obviously taste better with her blends, but work fine with store-bought.  She’s rad.

This week, she made brownies that are full of goo, and I’m absolutely dying for.

And then she also posted a recipe for gluten free bisquick which is literally the only flour blend in my pantry that I didn’t go to her for before.  You can bet there isn’t one now.

This weekend, I’m determined to find a bathing suit.  So you know… yikes.  I think there are gardening plans in the works, as well.  Enjoy these two little days!


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