25 Apr

Saturday Sentiments

I’ve been distracted this week.  There’s been loads going on at school, and even more going on at home.  This afternoon was the last step in the whole foster license process.  I happened to have a few minutes between getting off work and picking Joel up for the meeting, so I made a run by Daisycakes.  I figured, whether celebration or consolation, we’d need cookies when the meeting was over.

As it turns out, they were celebration cookies, which taste substantially better than consolation cookies.  Our foster care application is complete and on its way to be approved by the state.

In other news, the internet has a lot to say:

For one, I’ve found the neatest way to say “no”.  In general, I’m pretty good at saying “no”, but I love this method above all else.

There’s been a lot of talk about bed-making, an upgrade I was easily able to get added to my husband.  He’s the later riser, so it’s usually his responsibility.  And I’ve learned to let go of my pickiness in how it’s done.  If you’re unconvinced of the importance of the daily task, get on board.

In general, I’m opposed to hard and fast rules.  Here are some nice ideas, though.

Statistically, we’re very likely to have children other than our race placed with us through this whole foster process.  This list helped me think through some things.

I love it when food bloggers I love put together lists of recipes they love.  Also, who doesn’t need some new ways to cook vegetables?

With the pressure off on the whole foster care thing, we’re taking it easy.  I highly suggest you do the same.

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