07 Mar

Target Lady vs. Cat Lady

I went into Target the other day to buy cat food.  I saw this lady in the frozen food aisle (which I was only in because Ibotta coupons are hard to resist).  There she was in her birkenstocks, too short pants, and baggy sweater, staring into the lean cuisine case, trying to make important decisions.  And I totally judged her.  I’m not proud of it.  But it happened.  Let’s just be real.

Just a few minutes later, I had gathered my own items and was ready to check out.  I was in one of those everything I see looks good and I have to have it kind of moods.  I bought tortilla chips (because we were out of chips, but not salsa), lemonade (because duh!), and sour gummy worms (because well… you know…).  So there I was in the express checkout with junk food and a big ol’ case of canned cat food… and the target lady judged me.  I could see it in her eyes, her face, that sad look on her face that seemed to say, “You shouldn’t use food to fill the void in your life.”  She thought there was a void in my life!  I tried to flash my ring as I was paying so she’d know that I really wasn’t a crazy cat lady.  Maybe she’d know that my husband and sister were the crazy cat ladies, and I only lived with them.  I don’t think I got my message across.

… and then I think how ridiculous it sounds for me to say that I was judged by the Target Lady in light of the SNL sketches.  Whatever… she wasn’t like that.  She was a teenage girl who was probably super satisfied with her life… about as much as any teenage girl is, at least.

And while I really don’t believe there’s a void in my life that I’m trying to fill with chips, salsa, and gummies (those are all just delicious foods that I really enjoy eating), I have noticed myself picking up some odd habits… becoming a bit more extreme and obsessive in my tastes.

Sunday Morning Couponing

First, there’s couponing.  I have a Sunday morning ritual these days.  I really relish looking through the coupons, snipping the ones I want, going through my stash to discard expired ones… it’s relaxing.  Add some orange juice in a fancy glass, you’ve got yourself a nearly perfect morning.

To make it actually perfect, though, you need to add some doughnuts.

Chocolate Doughnuts

… and every once in awhile that’s what happens.

Buttermilk Doughnuts

Ok, it happens a lot.  But I got this cookbook for Christmas, and my husband would feel bad about his gift to me if I never used it.  Right?

Then there’s Costco, which doesn’t help with my obsessive tendencies.  It’s easy to eat a bajillion servings of something if you can only buy it by the bajillion servings.  Add to that the fact that Costco has their own coupons, and then Ibotta coupons come off after that.  (Have I never told you about Ibotta?  Oh, yea… it’s great.)  And top it off with Costco carrying HUGE loaves of Udi’s multigrain and Ibotta having a coupon for a dollar off two weeks in a row.  That said, I’ve been really into toast lately.


… I won’t post the pictures of all of the salsa I’ve been eating lately.  But you should just know that it’s approximately Costco sized.

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