Somebody please explain to me…

… how there got to be a giant sign on my forehead that says “I go for older men!”

Last night, this guy (probably at least 10 years my senior) came up to me and struck up a conversation.  Where are you from… what do you do… etc.  I was telling him about my job, and he asked how long I had been working there.  “2 1/2 years, I guess… I started the day after I graduated, actually.”  “Oh… you’re… young.”  He didn’t talk to me after that.  Do I know how to scare off the boys or what?

That said, my boyfriend is turning 38 today (tomorrow?  I never know).  He’s a fantastic boy.  This evening (yesterday evening?  this is weird), we played board games with his friends and ate the most divine chocolate cake of my life.  This was the cake, with this as frosting.  It was intense, to say the least.

At the risk of being like one of those disgusting high school couples on facebook…

Happy birthday, you dear, sweet boy!

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