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Let’s Chat

Saturday, January 21st, 2012

Things are getting out of control.  For one, there was the holiday and a whole lot of traveling.  For two, there was another holiday a week later.  For third, there was a birthday a week after that.  For fourth, another birthday a week after that.  For fifth, another birthday 6 days after that.  And now I’m moving in a week, leaving the country in less than three weeks, and complaining about my totally amazing busy schedule on my blog.

To put it simply, there’s a lot going on.  A lot.  All of it is positively amazing.  But whoa baby!  When I get busy, I get stressed.  Which means I stress eat.  Just kidding, I don’t do that.  Except I do.  I like to make homemade french fries that aren’t really fried, and then dip them in agave nectar.  Because I’m out of honey, duh.

And that’s the most exciting thing happening on the food front here.  But even if I don’t have much time to experiment with new recipes, I’m still collecting things I’ll be making once I’m in my new kitchen.  I wanted to share with you what’s been inspiring me lately.  Here goes.

These cupcakes need to go gluten free in a bad way.

I don’t know why it never occurred to me to do this before, but it’s happening.  Tonight.

Finally, I’m dying to make these, but I’m having a little trouble convincing the boyfriend that he doesn’t actually hate brussel sprouts.

What’s been inspiring you lately?  I’m dying to know.

Somebody please explain to me…

Sunday, January 8th, 2012

… how there got to be a giant sign on my forehead that says “I go for older men!”

Last night, this guy (probably at least 10 years my senior) came up to me and struck up a conversation.  Where are you from… what do you do… etc.  I was telling him about my job, and he asked how long I had been working there.  “2 1/2 years, I guess… I started the day after I graduated, actually.”  “Oh… you’re… young.”  He didn’t talk to me after that.  Do I know how to scare off the boys or what?

That said, my boyfriend is turning 38 today (tomorrow?  I never know).  He’s a fantastic boy.  This evening (yesterday evening?  this is weird), we played board games with his friends and ate the most divine chocolate cake of my life.  This was the cake, with this as frosting.  It was intense, to say the least.

At the risk of being like one of those disgusting high school couples on facebook…

Happy birthday, you dear, sweet boy!


Monday, January 2nd, 2012

Remember my December resolutions?  It’s time to report back.

I did, indeed create quite tasty food during the month, and I managed to finish out the month exactly $1 under budget.  A huge accomplishment for me.  I’m usually $10-20 over.  Sometimes more than that.  I’m going to try to keep this going this month, although, not being able to mooch food off my parents for a week is going to make that difficult.  On the other hand, not feeling compelled to cook for holiday parties will help.

Now let’s talk about cream.  I managed to make 2 different types of ice cream for Christmas.  First, my classic chocolate.  Second, cheesecake ice cream.  I recommend both.  But the real success was my garlic cream sauce.  I started with this recipe but cut it in thirds, and still served it with a pound of pasta.  There was plenty of sauce, still.  I may have still used the originally 6 cloves of garlic.  <shrug />

As I made these resolutions last month, I really wanted to resolve to make a really delicious loaf of gluten free bread.  I knew that the holidays would not afford me enough time, though, and I decided to put it off until January.  Sadly, due to personal things, I’m going to put this off again.  Nothing’s worse than making a resolution you know you’re not really resolved about.  Ok, a few things are worse, but still…

Here are my January resolutions:

  1. More veg.  Tons more.
  2. Figure out how to use egg whites.  And actually use them.

Number 1 shouldn’t come as a surprise.  Number two: I make recipes that call for egg yolks all the time.  I usually just dump the egg whites.  That’s no good.  I need to stop.  This month.  Currently, there are egg whites in my freezer, and I’ve got a plan.  :)

On two unrelated notes:

  1. For some reason, Amazon recommended this to me.
  2. I totally just noticed that Google reader has some highlights on the right side of the screen.  You know, things like “recently read”, “recently starred”, and my new favorite “recently kept unread”.  As it turns out, that last category made me laugh at myself because it shows just how passive aggressive I can be.  I’m too embarrassed to tell you why.  A quart of ice cream* for the person who can guess what rss feed I’ve been not reading for months.

* For people within a 10 mile radius only.  Your pick of flavors, though.

P.S.  I just realized this is the second post titled thus.  Perhaps the third.  Considering this, I’m resolving to not repeat myself so much.  For serious.  (That was just to see if you were paying attention, duh!)