Twisted Noodles

I’ve been glutened quite a bit lately.  It seems like every time I go out, I can’t help but get some sort of gluten cross-contamination, no matter how much I try not to.  I’ve been to restaurants I’m familiar with, ordered dishes I’m familiar with, but something must have changed.  Bummer.

Along those lines, I’ve been trying to cook at home for all of my meals.  Which can be a bit exhausting.  Especially when you’re sick.

So for lunch today, the boyfriend took me to an old favorite, Twisted Noodles.  Aside from being the best darn Thai food I’ve had outside of Thailand, they’re also willing to make just about everything on the menu gluten free.  And when they can’t make something gluten free, they’ll happily tell you and offer alternatives.  So much of the menu is naturally gluten free.  And it’s all delicious.

I ordered the chicken pad thai.  The portion is huge (I have enough for another meal sitting in my fridge).  Yum!

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