City Beverage

This is pretty much my favorite restaurant in the whole wide world.

Chile Braised Chicken Nachos

Chile Braised Chicken Nachos

They have a very diverse menu, but when my old boss recommended the place to me, she said I needed  to get the chicken nachos.  I did.  And every time I’ve been back, I’ve gotten the same thing.   Unoriginal?  Sure.  But delicious.  And can you really criticize that?

In the background, you’ll see the Tres Bien Burger, topped with mushrooms, swiss, and all kinds of other yummy stuff.  It was amazing, but it wasn’t the nachos.

Everyone I’ve taken there (including my family) has loved it.  Seriously.  Everyone.  Despite the inappropriate movie posters hung all over the wall.  The place has a fabulous retro feel: gold, sparkly booths, fake flowers hanging from the ceiling, mannequins, and yes, provocative movie posters fill the walls.  The ambiance is incredible, the food even better, and the wait staff is generally indifferent.  Go.  Seriously.  Do.

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  1. Love City Bev! Trivia night is fun too, though haven’t been in over 2 years.

    I never order anything different once I experience something great at a restaurant. If that doesn’t happen in the first two visits, I usually don’t end up ever going back.

  2. I often wish they’d operate as a coffee shop during the day – it’d fill a real void in our area for a coffee shop where people with tattoos serve your coffee and scowl at you if you don’t seem to be as much of a coffee snob as they are. I hate going all the way to Carrboro for that (and good coffee). (Sorry for all the local references that many of your readers won’t get. shrug).

  3. Bekah says:

    Oh yes! I totally love City Bev! It’s kind of the go-to place for work shin-digs, too. And yes, they totally need to be a bistro/cafe/coffee bar during the day!

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