Taste Test: OJ

I was never particularly picky about my orange juice.  I mean, it was an absolutely crucial part of every day, but the variety wasn’t the point so much as its existence… in my mouth… every morning.  Then I moved in with good ol’ Nathan.  He’s real opinionated.  Tropicana Low Acid.  All the way.

And I’m a little bit addicted.  So when I read this, I’m ready to call them liars.  Did they test low acid varieties?  Because they should.  For reals.

6 Responses to “Taste Test: OJ”

  1. I made a glass of freshly squeezed clementine juice the other day and I was in heaven. It took like seven clementines, but it was amazing.

    • Jenny says:

      One year, I got my mom a juicer for Christmas. It was nice until I realized that it took about an hour to get enough juice for our family. Bah!

  2. A close and acceptable substitute is Kroger brand low acid, just FYI, people.

  3. I’m not picky about my OJ, but my husband is. Our favorite is simply orange.

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