Chimichurri and some other stuff

My very first issue of Cooking Light came in the mail this week. When I ran across this recipe, I was more than a little excited. Rebecca’s brother shipped them Alaskan halibut for Christmas, and I was happy to have a use for it. We knew there had to be an occasion for such luxury, so we were happy to pull out the recipe for the Chungs’ visit this weekend. We couldn’t have made a better choice; they spent the entire weekend praising Friday night’s dinner.

pan-seared halibut

Photo by Nathan Clendenin

A few critiques: First, I’m a little annoyed at Cooking Light for putting a recipe with zucchini in their Jan/Feb issue. I’m not opposed to eating some things out of season from time to time, but I feel like they could have done better. Second, I think the chimichurri would have been better if pureed into a green sauce, rather than the relish that they recommended.

Our rendition held pretty closely to the halibut and chimichurri part of the recipe, but we did change a few things: 1) creamy risotto instead of vegetable rice; 2) steamed broccoli on the side; 3) I lack a grill pan, so the halibut was pan-seared instead (small difference, but I feel I need to be honest); 4) the whole thing was served with lemon wedges which tasted amazing when squeezed over the halibut (and the color certainly didn’t hurt).

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  1. This meal was so good. That’s all I can say.

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